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juicy, delicious 5-lb roasters

We raise our chickens outside on pasture in open-bottom pens with rotational grazing techniques.  When we move them by hand every morning, they get access to fresh grass and bugs and leave behind manure to stimulate pasture growth and store carbon in the soil.  To supplement their foraged diet, we feed them organic grain grown within a 100-mile radius.  Our meat chickens have a pleasant life: a quiet view of the sunrise and sunset every single day, fresh air for every breath, and gentle song and chatter from their human caretakers.  We respectfully slaughter and carefully clean each and every bird on-farm to create high-quality chicken for our customers to savor around the dinner table.

Our  small-but-mighty 1/4-acre market garden is teeming with diversity, with plants squeezed into every available square foot.  In addition to market vegetables, you'll find flowers tucked away both for beauty and pollinator attraction, beds of medicinal herbs, fruit trees, and borders of native plants.  By utilizing hoop houses, we also grow greens in the shoulder seasons, providing customers the joy of fresh salads in the midst of long dark winters.



a diverse array of market vegetables, available YEAR-ROUND!

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