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Baba Yaga Farm Market Card

The months that we make the most purchases for farm supplies are also the months that we sell the least amount of food.  The Market Card is an incredibly helpful way for community members to support local food production by helping to ease the strain during this time of low cash flow.  And we'd like to say thank you by adding in some perks!

Pay up front and receive benefits

How it Works

1) Choose the value of your Market Card

  • Either spend $100 for a $105 value card; or spend $200 for a $210 value card.  Cards can be used to purchase anything on the Roadside Farm Stand (open Fridays March-October and beyond).​

2) All Market Card holders will receive a weekly email detailing what is ready for harvest.  Additionally, you receive the option to place a pre-order on vegetables, available to pickup either Tuesday or Friday. 

3) When you shop at the Farm Stand and/or pickup your pre-order, find your Market Card in the wooden box.  Write the value of items you "purchased", and fill out the date and remaining value of your card.  You could also put your card in your wallet, but don't forget to keep track of your purchases!

4) When your Market Card is empty (or near empty) and you'd like to get another, drop $ or a check in the farm stand cash box and shoot me an email so we can get you a new Market Card printed out and in the box. Market Cards must be used up by the end of the calendar year, and there are no refunds.


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