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Holistic Postpartum Support Offerings for Mothers

"Mothers are the soil from which humanity grows."

- Rachelle Garcia Seliga

Image by Chris Ensey


Since the beginning of time, all people knew that a mother's postpartum support and care of her entire being - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual - would reflect not only in her health for the rest of her life but the health of her child, her community, and the world at large.  Specifically, we are talking about the most tender time of the first 40 days after birth, but as any mother will tell you, "postpartum is forever".

In generations of late, this universal knowledge and awareness has been lost.  Instead of an entire community actively playing a role in the new mother's recovery and rest, now a mother is lucky if she gets one friend checking up on her.  She is expected to "bounce back" physically, return to work within weeks, show off her baby to anyone and everyone, and generally return to "business as usual" as soon as the birth is over.  None of this is physiologically normal or desirable, for both baby and mother.

We must, collectively, re-remember how to truly and whole-istically support mothers.  We must revive the older-than-time practices of "mothering the mother" that live deep within our subconsciousness, burning with desire to be brought back to life again to change this world for the better.


After the miraculous journey of growing a new human, then the incredible power and strength of birthing this human into the world, a mother is torn open: her old self dead as her new self births again.  Postpartum is one of the most sacred times of a woman's life, and has historically been respected by all cultures worldwide.  

A new mother needs care that is warming (both physically and energetically), grounding, deeply nourishing, quiet, and calm. As a Postpartum Tender (commonly known as a postpartum doula), I provide the following support to mothers: 

  • Heart-centered, non-judgmental listening and witnessing

  • Physiological postpartum education during prenatal visits, including: helping a mother plan for short- and long-term support, nutritional counseling, what to expect during postpartum time, list of recommended supplies and resources

  • A calm, grounding presence for mother and her whole family

  • Physical support: light touch, energy work, castor oil packs, vaginal steaming, herbal baths, guided breathing

  • Light housework, room freshening

  • Nutritional support: nutrient-dense meals and snacks for the first three days with optional additional meals, nutritional counseling, herbal teas and salves

  • Ceremony / Ritual to honor your journey



In addition to being the mother of a 3 year old child, one on the way, and one that was lost mid-pregnancy, here are some relevant life experiences that have led me right here, ready to support mothers during this tender time: 

  • Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Nutritional Therapy Association

  • Ongoing studies of ancestral nutrition, with particular focus on women's preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum

  • Biosomatic Craniosacral Therapy Training Level 1 & Level 2, with Kari Toft (levels 3-4 to be completed spring 2024)

  • Energetic skills course, The Womb Room

  • Mothering the Mother Postpartum Retreat/Training, Indie Birth Association

  • Participation in communal grief ceremonies, and continued personal exploration of grief work

  • 10+ years working directly with children in various contexts, following graduation from university

  • Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Training and Practicums (incomplete), West Coast Institute

  • Informal studies of medicinal and folk herbs and herbal preparations

  • Owner of Baba Yaga Farm

Most importantly, I am humbled by all the teachers in this world who I have had the honor to walk through life with and learn from.  Teachers of all kinds: experts, mentors, friends, strangers, children, family, my own body, my ancestors, creatures big and small, rocks, land, water, wind, and fire. May this learning continue to humble me, daily, until my last breath.

Postpartum Support Packages

First 40 Days Whole Mother Package

  • 3 prenatal visits (2 hours each), including one optional pre-birth ceremony and one craniosacral-inspired session

  • In-home support for the first 5 days post-birth, 1-2 hours daily (see list in previous section for support offerings)

  • Homemade nutrient-dense, organic, grown on the farm, meals and snacks for Mother for the first 3 days

  • Once-per-week 2-4 hour visits on weeks 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 (see list in previous section for support offerings)

  • 2 optional craniosacral-inspired sessions included during weeks 2-6

  • Herbal tea supply and herbal bath mix for first 6 weeks: all grown on-farm and/or wildcrafted

  • Half-day closing ceremony, after 6 weeks

  • Optional baby-blessing ceremony 

  • Optional placenta ceremony, printing, or other "tree of life" ritual facilitation 

  • Other possibilities to help you live the most well-supported postpartum of your dreams

6 Weeks Nourished Mother Meal Service

  • Home-cooked, delivered hot, hearty nutrient-dense meat-based main meals specifically created for nutrient repletion for the postpartum mother

  • Food is primarily raised/grown on our regenerative farm, supplemented ingredients are all organic

  • All gluten free, with options for other dietary restrictions (unable to accomodate vegetarians or vegans)

  • 6 savory main dishes (6-8 servings each) for the mother (one dish delivered hot weekly for the first 6 weeks), plus a pint of chicken liver pate and a batch of nutrient dense brownies 

Pregnancy Loss, Miscarriage, & Stillbirth Support

No matter the trimester, no matter the birth method, every end of a pregnancy puts a woman into a postpartum state.  Whether you contact me immediately after a diagnosis / before your birth, during a birth in any trimester, or in the tender days after your loss, I am here to support you.  During my own mid-pregnancy loss in 2019 what I longed for most was companionship from a woman who had been there herself, someone who could hold me through my immense grief, help me navigate the sudden decisions I was faced with, and help me adapt to my postpartum recovery and unexpected lactation. I offer my support and postpartum services to Mothers walking through pregnancy loss on a donation-based system of reciprocity and completely tailored for each woman's needs, and no one will be turned away for lack of funding.  

For more information or to meet with me to see if we would be a good fit, please send an email to

All the best to you on your journey,


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