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winter salad greens & hatch-to-harvest meat chickens grown on Lopez Island, WA



We believe Mother Nature is the keeper of wise ways, the answer to all our questions. Our farm practices are rooted in this wisdom while teetering between a wild and human-cultivated balance. 

*Absolutely zero chemicals or herbicides/insecticides (not even "natural" ones like Neem oil)*

*Integration of diverse native plants to feed native pollinators*

*Establishing drought-tolerant perennials for year-round habitat and forage for birds and bugs*

*Creating home-made soil amendments and fertilizers out of harvests from the land and sea*

*Leaving the soil continuously covered and protected with living plants and/or mulch*

*Creating on-farm compost and vermicompost*

*Disturbing the soil structure as little as possible*

*Practicing daily gratitude, song, and blessings to this land that gives us so much*

We aim to keep our soil so healthy that plants can easily access everything they need and become incredibly nutritious for us humans (and animals!) to eat.  Vegetables grown on no-till regenerative farms are absolutely more nutritious than vegetables grown on tillage-based organic farms! All these practices and more help us tend and grow the hard-working soil microbes that create nutritious and vibrant food for us.  We must feed the soil to feed ourselves. 


Our team consists of owner and primary worker-bee Libby, husband Andrew who works on infrastructure projects and assists with animals, and our toddler son Eamon, who is always eager to help (especially with collecting chicken eggs and picking vegetables). We are fortunate enough to be able to grow food on land that, though we do not own, is the very same land that Andrew grew up on.

In our household, we enjoy reading fairy tales from around the world and exploring the role the archetypal figures play in our modern lives. Baba Yaga is a wise old woman featured in many variations of fairy tales from eastern Europe. She lives in the woods in a house built on chicken legs, with bones of various animals holding the house together.  She is a wild, powerful being, and she reminds us to live our lives in service of the world and always acting in integrity and goodness: for if we do, she will help us greatly on our journey, and if not, well.......

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