vegetables & pastured meat chickens grown on Lopez Island, WA



We believe Mother Nature always knows best.  We emulate what we see in natural ecosystems and replicate it as close as we can by: leaving the soil covered as much as possible, keeping the soil planted as much as possible, and disturbing the soil as little as possible.  These three tenets of no-till practice, in combination with rotational grazing of our animals, compost application, mulching, diverse crop planting, seed-saving, and non-chemical soil nutrient amendments, help us tend and grow the hard-working soil microbes that create nutritious and vibrant food for us.  We must feed the soil to feed ourselves.

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Our business is a family endeavor. On any given day between February and November you'll find Libby tending plants in the hoophouse or shoveling compost onto beds, Andrew working in the shop welding tools or in the garden strengthening fences, and our son Eamon scooping sand in the sandbox or picking daisies.We love to be able to work all together outdoors, experiencing the fullness of each season.  For us, growing food allows us to grow our love as a family.

In our household, we enjoy reading and exploring fairy tales from around the world. Baba Yaga is featured in many variations of fairy tales from eastern Europe. She lives in the woods in a house built on chicken legs, with bones of various animals holding the house together.  She is a wild, powerful being, and she reminds us that the crone archetype exists in all of us as the wise old woman-- to be respected, not feared. 

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